lights on miracle hill

It's almost that time of the year! Join us this Christmas for a community event for the whole family! Come join in the Christmas cheer as we light up our entire campus, hosting our community and sharing the hope and joy of this season. 

Lights on Miracle Hill
December 1 - 23
Fridays 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Saturdays 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Sundays 6:00PM - 8:15PM





Join us for this year’s Lights on Miracle Hill!


Blessing our Community

It is such a joy for our City Blessing community to reach out to our city every Christmas through Lights on Miracle Hill. Now our 5th year hosting Lights on Miracle Hill, we have heard countless stories of how this event has brought joy, encouragement, and hope to many. This event is only possible through the many volunteers of our church family, both young and old, working together to light up our campus. Our hope is to be a light in our city and that many would experience the joy of the season.

Christmas Light Show

The highlight of Lights on Miracle Hill is definitely the Christmas light show! Watch the lights dance to the music and tell a story that shares a message of hope and God's love for us. The light show is shown every 45 minutes so don't forget to stay to watch!

Check out this video of our second year's light show! And come by this year for a brand new Christmas light show story.



It is so exciting to witness miracles and healing each weekend through the Miracle Hill Healing Room ministry at Lights on Miracle Hill. We have a powerful, miracle-working God and He still works miracles today! Be encouraged by these testimonies below:

  • HR team prayed for emotional healing. God’s presence was so strong that some people started crying as they walked to be seated.

  • We prayed Mrs. A. She had frozen shoulder for several weeks. Went to doctor, took meds, and physical therapy for weeks and still couldn’t move her left arm. When HR team member prayed for her, she felt a click on her shoulder and felt warm all over. Afterwards, she was able to move her arm, lift it up even crossing it to her back. Instantly, she is able to move her arm!

  • A gentlemen came with pain level 6 on his left shoulder due to his occupation. His left arm lost strength when the pain came. After prayer, he said pain level went down to almost 0.

  • Two ladies came, requesting prayer for restoration in their family relationships. After the prayer, our team members asked if they would like to receive Christ. At first they say “No.”, then our team member began to share the good news of the Gospel and ask again for the 2nd time. This time the ladies said “Yes!” Jesus is Awesome!

  • On Sunday night, a father and son came to the healing tent. The little boy was born with 1 kidney and had a benign tumor in his brain. They said when the tumor pulsates, he felt pain in different parts of his body.

    When he came, he said he had pain on his kidney and upper left thigh. He was so worried about his only kidney. After prayer, the boy said all the pain went away and he was so happy. We asked if they would like to receive Christ and they said “Yes!”, so we led them to salvation prayer. We also had the opportunity to pray for emotional healing for the father as well.

  • A gentleman came with cystic fibrosis in his lungs. The doctors only gave him 2-4 years to live. He came last year and love the lights show. It was hard for him to walk up the hill because of his breathing problem, but he was desperate, hopeless and needed prayer badly. He was ministered to and went on his way with new level of strength and hope.

  • A woman came with kidney stone pain. After prayer, she said there was no more pain.

  • A grieving mother was angry after her son’s death from cancer. After prayer, she felt so much peace.